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Here is a list of software i uses!
Distro: Artix linux
Artix linux is a fork of Arch Linux without systemd. I love gentoo linux,Void linux,kiss linux and other minimalistic linux distro Openbsd is also kida cool but not many wifi drivers :-(
File manager: lf
basically lf is just a rewritten of ranger in go that makes it faster becuse ranger is written in python which is very slow programing language
Mail client: neomutt
Neomutt is a Fork of the legendary mutt
Music/audio player: ncmpcpp
RSS reader: sfeed and sfeed_curses
Torrent client: qbittorrent
PDF viewer: zathura
Image Viewer: nsxiv


I Uses a "Latitude E5430 non-vPro 01" as daily drive which runs the super based artix linux